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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Two Years

Its been two years since I've made an update here... Wow. So after all that time, and many projects later, here I am.
In this touch down post, I won't go over all my projects given this post would get very long if I did, so I'll just talk about a few.

Back in 2014 a comic series I lettered for called "Zidan" (issue #0) made debut and was featured at the New York Comic Con. The majority of Roaring Sun Studios was there signing and promoting the book, which even got newspaper coverage. Images below, you can also see a promo video of the Comic Con set up for the comic serise on the official website HERE.

Since then, I have completed another fantastic issue of Zidan (issue #1) with Roaring Sun Studios:

And am currently working on issue #2, which will be finishing up soon. You can get your copies of the previous two issues on the Zidan website HERE.

Beyond that, I finished several comic issues of NightWasp for an independent developer on lettering (issues #1 through #5), as well as per commission designed the original NightWasp website which you can view HERE.

I also worked briefly with Kymera Press (their website is HERE), on issues #2 and #3 of the "Gates of Midnight" comic series, doing the lettering. Issue #2 was featured at the Long Beach Comic Expo in 2014.

I have also been working annually with Etheria Flim Night (website HERE), where I design and create film poster(s), programs, postcards, flyers, and award placards for the event. I have worked with them every year since 2014, and its always a fantastic experience. I've seen actors and directors pose with the film posters, and awards I created for them... And its a wonderful feeling to be a part of something so large. -The first year I started working with Etheria, they held the event at Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood so yes I was very impressive to say the least, its always a treat to work with them. Here are a of the items I designed for this years event:

You can also see the finished awards placards I designed here, as held by their respective recipients:

("The Love Witch" cast and crew)

Mindy Bledsoe, Jill Gevargizian, Jacqueline Castel, Toy Lei, Christine Boylan, Kerry Szu-Chien Yang and Stacy Hammon holding the their awards that I designed.

The following is from last years event:

Actor Shawn Ashmore (X-Men, The Following) with his wife, Dana, and director Darren Lynn Bousman, holding the program I designed.

Film director Axelle Carolyn (Soulmate), standing next to the poster I designed for her film. This particular image was published by Dreadcentral in 2015 around the time of the event.

I've also finished several independent comic books in the between time, including "Diva" (issue #1) and "Heavy Hitters" (issue #1 and #2) both by the same developer, and Child Number 4 (issue #1) which is by the creators of the Eclipse series S&T Comics. As well as Promixa which was a 58 page graphic novel, and several others. So... Its been a very busy last two years, with the way things are currently going the next two will be as well. Life in the shoes of an artist.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kickstarter Sucess

Yet another "Creepy Scarlett" (as of this issue is now only known as "Scarlett") issue has been funded by Kickstarted! While I have worked multiple issues as colorist & letterist, this issues I return only as letterist although I help out with other Photoshop editing work and so on. Being the last original member of the art team, there were pledge packages for (USA residents only) with items to be signed and shipped by me, a first. But a welcomed task for the return supportive fans of the comic.

The comics history of successes:

In other comic related news, I just finished lettering an eight page promo comic titled "Deep Space Mechanics" (sneak peek of pages 2-3 here:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Note: Art Interview

Inspirational Art Portal (IAP) contacted me for an artist interview today, you can check it out here: It was nice they'd consider me, though it was out of the blue they were so kind to me I simply could not turn them down. :)

Friday, March 21, 2014

Dragons, Movie Fest, and Comics Oh My!

The last 30 days have been jam packed with new on coming work and a few pieces I've done for my own personal portfolio as well. To start off I was contacted to letter "Gates of Midnight #2" with Kymera Press, Inc. as well as several upcoming issues, and will be featured on their website as on of their artist shortly here: with a mini bio etc. Something unique about Kymera Press, Inc. being they are entirely a female operated team, promoting females in the comic book world, so I was honored they approached me to help represent that: not only do girls read comics, they make them too! :)

Beyond that I'm also being showcased as a female artist for the 2014 Etheria Film Night: I also designed a double sided 4x6 flyer promoting the film event, which they are set to print 5,000 of. Etheria celebrates the wonders of all female-directed and written films, and is set to be held at July 12th, 2013 at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood, California. -Again I am honored to present women artist for this event, between Etheria and Kymera Press I have been catapulted into a female movement, which is a wonderful thing to celebrate at least once in a while. :)

Outside of these projects I am still continuing with my color and letter work for the "Legacy" series with S17, and the "Eclipse" series with S&T Comics. Along with several other on going lettering-only comic projects including, Academy of Villains, Creepy Scarlett (Last Sunset Films), and NightWasp for an independent creator (another new addition to my scheduled work - which I am also set to be a part of long term through the series).

Amazingly, I still squeeze time to do artwork I personally want to do between all my commission work. Thus I've gotten two new digital paintings done, one being an original dragon character, and the other being a fan-artwork of Coriolanus(played my favorite actor Tom Hiddleston). Coriolanus was a very inspirational Shakespearean play, I was lucky enough to see and very impressed by. -Dragons on the other hand have always been something I've been fund of drawing, ever since childhood in fact. Although with my ability to paint now in adulthood, I will slowly build a fantasy art collection with my original characters. The videos below show my painting each from start to finish, in under a minute.

Coriolanus which I titled "Tainted Innocence".

OC dragon I named "Nidhogg".

Earliyer last month the creators of S&T Comics commissioned me to do paintings of the main characters from the "Eclipse" series which I also work:

The hero Eclipse.

The villain Raze.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In Print

Got my printed copies of Legacy #2 (September 17 Productions:, and Shadow Hunters 2014 calendar (Scattered Comics: last week! -Worked on both, colorist for the month of May in the calendar, and letterist on the Legacy #2 comic (the Legacy series, which I've taken over as colorist for issues #3, and currently working on #4).

 photo 5291c9eb-63a8-412c-b6cb-7b3baca0175f.jpg

 photo 0b59a371-ae3c-4029-8a59-0524ca617a02.jpg

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

General Update

This post is just a general update of my progression in the arts, as well as a few milestones recently...

To start I've been squeezing in digital paintings where I can between my comic book work with Legacy, Eclipse, and Vampire Academy.
I like recoding the various stages my painting goes through via time phase videos, although they really only show the milestones in their creation... One day perhaps I will invest in a time-lapse screen recorder to watch me paint more thoroughly over the course the ten hours it normally takes. So here are the latest newest to oldest (be sure to watch in HD):

You can see the final versions on my deviantART page here(as well as zoom in, to see the finer details the videos don't really show):

In other news, I've finished the lettering for another comic, titled "Academy of Villains", as well as having done the cover logo since its the first issue in a possible on going series. I will update when I have website links etc, with more information on that. What I can say for now though, is I worked with Andre Siregar, who is also the line artist on the "Legacy" comic series with September Productions, which I work as colorist/letterist.

Bringing my to my next bit of news, I've started doing just that, on "Legacy" issue #4! Coloring and lettering two pages every week which started the first full week of this month, thus this issue will be moving along fairly quickly. You can check out S17's website for more Legacy news here:

Beyond that, I've been doing a bit of off and on work with doing various comic covers (colors), most recently this week with "Sword" issue #1.

I stay busy, and love every minute of what I do! :)

Photographer Synthesis

I've completed yet another book, this time featuring myself and six other fantastic photographers from around the world. The photographers included are:

Clifford Ho - Kathrin Holzreiter - Jessica Jimerson - Myrto Gkiouli - Sonny Mikszath - Viera Remkov√° - Kaius Loos

Bringing not only their story, but twenty five of some of their best works to date. You can pick up your copy here today:

A photography gallery style book is something I've been wanting to put together for a long time now (going on a year), and it's hard to believe everything came together with artist from right here on dA in under one month!

I really look forward to getting hold of the first print copy myself! Because I'm really happy with the results of this book, I will be doing another dA community book, featuring artist next. Although the next one will only have a 1-2 or 2-4 page feature per artist, thus I will be able to feature an even larger group.

Till then, I hope everyone will enjoy Photographer Synthesis! :)

 photo PhotographerSynthesis_Cover.jpg